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Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

We are actively engaged in designing and manufacturing Sewage Treatment Plant that is required for sewage water cleaning application. The different types of Sewage Treatment Plants that we offer are available in numerous configurations and sizes. In the making of Sewage Treatment Plants, we utilize the finest grade parts & components. In addition, the Sewage Treatment Plants are made by using the latest techniques at our highly advanced manufacturing set up. Furthermore, we are counted as the most reliable Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in Tamil Nadu.

Types Of STP Plant

  • ASP
  • FBBR


  • 10 KLD STP
  • 50 KLD STP
  • 100 KLD STP
  • 150 KLD STP
  • 200 KLD STP
  • 300 KLD STP
  • 400 KLD STP
  • 500 KLD STP
  • 600 KLD STP

Process Of Sewage Treatment Plant

The sewage shall be passed through the screen chamber to remove big and floating particles from the sewage. Bar screen shall be provided in the screen chamber. The screened sewage shall be collected in the collection tank/equalization tank. From there it shall be pumped to the FLUIDIZED BED BIOREACTOR where diffused aeration mechanism with floating media immunized with microorganisms shall be provided for efficient BOD reduction. The overflow from FBBR Tank shall be settled in the secondary clarifier. A part of the sludge shall be re-circulated to the aeration tank to maintain MLSS. The wasted sludge shall be pumped to the sludge filtered to filter press for dewatering and the dried sludge shall be disposed. The filtrate from the filter press water shall be let into the collection tank. The overflow from the secondary clarifier shall be collected in the clarified water tank. Then from there it shall be pumped to the pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter. The treated water shall be passed through hypo dosing disinfection system and it shall be reused for flushing or gardening.

Technical details of Softener Plant

  • Primary Treatment
    • M.s. Bar Screen
    • Raw Sewage Pump
    • Coarse Bubble Diffusers
    • Fine Pore Diffusers
    • Fbbr Media
    • Air Blowers
    • Return Sludge Pumps
    • Clarifier Mechanism
    • Sludge Dewatering System
    • Screw Pump
  • Secondary Treatment
    • Filter Feed Pump
    • Ms Pressure Sand Filter
    • Ms Activated Carbon Filter
    • Ms Water Softener
    • chlorine Doser