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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant manufacturer, Supplier, dealer in Chennai Tamilnadu India

We design, manufacturing Erection & commissioning of Commercial RO plants for varied industries on turnkey basis in Chennai Tamilnadu India.
We are one of the leading eminent manufacturers and suppliers of a excellent range of RO Plant (Reverse Osmosis Plant) to our clients. It is a Industrial / Commercial range products. All these products are manufactured using quality raw material, latest technology and advanced machinery procured from trusted vendors of the market. Our products are highly demanded in the industry for its features like maximum efficiency, longer functional life and high functionality. Owing all these features our products are highly applauded by our clients across the region. Our product range also includes Mineral Water Plant Industrial RO Plant 1000 Liter, and Industrial Reverse Osmosi Plant. It is available in all range from 200 LPH to 10000 LPH.

We design and install reverse osmosis units with up to 25000 LPH capacities or more, suitable for medical, laboratory,
and industrial applications. Reverse Osmosis is widely accepted technology utilized in purifying water for various applications; from drinking water and water for medical and laboratory use to industrial water, Reverse Osmosis Systems are the backbone of every industry. We are leading Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant) manufacturer in India and have capabilities and sources to design, manufacture and commission complete reverse osmosis water system that can produce water that meets industry specific standards; whether you need medical or pharma grade, food grade or laboratory grade water, our RO water systems let you experience high performance at the lowest life-cycle costs.

Available in small, medium and large capacities from 100 LPH to 25000 LPH or more; our industrial RO Plants are built with high quality components to meet critical demands of water quality standards required by various industries. All filters, membranes, pumps, controls and automation used are from leading brands on the market, ensuring superior quality and performance.Additionally, we also provide a full line of membrane treatment chemicals to enhance membrane performance once equipment is operating at your site.

No matter what your requirements are, our Reverse osmosis systems can be customized for your specific requirements. We are capable to design and install single RO unit as well as a complete RO Plant at your site with required documentation and validation.


250 LPH Commercial RO Systems

We provide our clients commercial RO plants in 25 LPH, that are used in various commercial establishments to fulfill their filtration and purification needs. These are superior quality RO system used to produce high-quality demineralized water. Further, our range is easy to install and requires low maintenance.

500 LPH Commercial RO Systems
We offer Compact 40-60 LPH R.O. Plant that is the best system for filtration and purification needs of drinking water. Reverse osmosis plants are used to produce high-quality Pure drinking water. Ideal for Office and Institution.


1000 LPH Commercial RO System
The commercial RO system 100 LPH are used in various small industries, institutes and hotels can easily purify and remove various dissolved impurities. Our RO systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of the clients. These systems provide completely bacteria free safe water and possess a long life.

2000 LPH LPH Commercial RO System
Our range of Industrial RO Plant offered by us are capable of removing 99% of ions and organic compounds with efficiency. These systems work with first commercialized cross flow membrane separation process. Moreover, these systems can meet different water standards with single-pass system.

3000 LPH LPH Commercial RO System
We design and manufacture the Reverse Osmosis Plants according to the need for tap water, brackish water & sea water application. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial RO Plant and Commercial RO Plant. The production range starts from 100 LPH (Liter per hour) to 100 M3 per hour for 400 TDS to 45,000 TDS.


4000 LPH LPH Commercial RO System

Our highly advanced Institutional reverse osmosis plant has been designed for hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, factory, and others. The system is also known as hyper filtration that removes or reduces small ions of magnesium and calcium from water. It is also effective in removing salt and other impurities while augmenting the taste and other properties. Our Institutional reverse osmosis plant is equipped with comprehensive range of filters such as Active
Carbon Filters, Sediment Filter,Sand Filter, Quartz Sand Filter, and others. This has enabled us to stand tall in the market as prominent manufacturer and supplier.

Commercial RO 1000 to 30000 LPH

Reverse osmosis is an accepted form of water purification among residential and commercial users. First, we must define reverse osmosis. It's the process of converting sea water by desalination (removing salt from sea water). This is a common known definition; however, reverse osmosis is also used for recycled water, wastewater treatment and energy production. Reverse osmosis occurs by water or solvents passing through a semipermeable membrane that is in place to block the channel for any dissolved solutes.

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