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RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS has wide expertise in meeting the water requirements of the textile and tanning segments. The water rejected from dying, spinning and other textile industries are recycled using high end technologies and these require wide expertise in designing and selection of appropriate technology to achieve desired quality.

RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS offers effluent treatment plants for both the textile and tanning industries. RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS also offers specialized processing plants to achieve zero discharge. The recovered water from the above plants can be reused. Our teams of trained engineers have installed effluent treatment plants to a number of textile and tanning units throughout the country. Our past experiences in handling different kinds of problems in the above industries help us to arrive at the most efficient and economic solution. RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS uses the most advanced Nano filtration technology combined with RO and ultra filtration to achieve the best results in water recovery.


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ISO 9001-2015 Certified & crisil rated 

Sewage Treatment plant - Zero discharge -ETP+UF+RO