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Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

We are design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of underground sewage treatment plants ( below the ground level )  different types of apartment , villa residentialcomplexes , special economical zones (sezs), industrial complexes, municipal corporations,  hotel industries, residential individual villa.

Now days in residential buildings, commercial office buildings, hotels, hospitals, resorts and many other commercial sectors Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the most important facilities and In these sectors the space constraint is one of the common concerns. By considering this points RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS offering an Underground STP. Our underground sewage treatment plant requires low maintenance and is known for providing harmless water after the treatment process. Underground sewage treatment plant is ideal for small communities; apartment and complexes, Commercial and industrial buildings, resorts, hotels, where space is limited and aesthetics are a top concern. We are providing the underground STP structure as per clients requirement in a variable sizes. We offer the Design and consultancy services for hotels, hospitals, resorts and other commercial sectors to estimate the STP Sizing and capacity to fulfill the client’s requirements For commercial establishments it is mandatory to treat their sewage water using Local Sewage Treatment Plant. Only after complete treatment they can achieve treated water as per pollution control board norms and they can either dispose to local sewer line or dispose to environment or


Activated sludge – (ASP)technology

Moving bed biofilm reactor- (MBBR) technology

Fluidized Bed Bioreactor- (FBBR) technology

Sequencing batch reactor- (SBR)technology


Manual operation

Semi-automatic operation

Fully automatic operation


 10 KLD TO 600 KLD

Reuse Application : • Gardening • Toilet Flushing • Landscape Irrigation • Cooling Tower  • Car Washing • Fire Sprinklers  • Concrete mixing and other construction application  • Non potable use

Reuse for non-potable applications.


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