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Water Softening Plant

We design Water Softening Plant to convert every type of hard water into soft water removing every trace of calcium or magnesium ions from water. Water Softening Plant reduces soapy residue on clothes, film on tub and shower tiles and scratching on bathroom fixtures. The Water Softening Plant is best for both residential and commercial purpose. We are listed as the prime manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Water Softening Plant at highly affordable rates.


• Low power consumption

• Reduction of scales

• Clogging from pipes and vessels

• Automatic facilities to start the recharging cycle

• Easy to operate

• Increases the efficiency of appliances and the plumbing systems

• Enhances service life

Avail Varied Softeners like:

• Water softener for plastic moulding machine

• Water softener for home, flat, and apartments

• Automatic Water Softener

• Resin Filter

• Domestic Water Softener

• Industrial Water Softener

• Water softener for garment and textile industries

• Softening plant for cooling towers

Supplied to:

• Alcohol and distillery

• Boilers

• Cooling tower

• Cold storage

• Food processing industry

• Fisheries and poultry

• Dairy industry

Usage :

1. For community Purpose In rural areas

2. For residence, housing, office building Purpose

3. For school, collage, educational institutes Purpose

4. For hotels, restaurants, resorts Purpose

5. For hospitals, nursing homes and others medical institutes Purpose.

6. For Municipality water supply, Corporation Purpose

7. For Industrial purpose like paper mills, cotton mills, Poultry Firms, Chemical plant, Pharmaceutical purpose etc.

We also provide customized solutions for any sort of water related problems.

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