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Zero Discharge for ETP & STP Plant manufacturer, Supplier, dealer in Chennai Tamilnadu India

We design, manufacturing Erection & commissioning of Zero Discharge for ETP & STP Plant varies industries on turnkey basis in Chennai Tamilnadu India

The Zero Discharge Treatment offered by us is used to remove various contaminants from the waste water. This assure the water a usability in various applications and processes. We also take care of the installation of Membrane Bio Reactor, Reverse Osmosis and Evaporation system in this treatment system. These treatment are environment friendly safe and need minimum maintenance. It also improve the purity level of water from wastes and various toxic effluents. These effluents release BOD, COD, SS, and TDS which are harmful for water bodies.


Higher operational efficiency
Reduce the liquid waste stream
Recycle high purity water for re-usage

1 Fertilizers- Effluent Treatment Plant
2 Leather tanneries Effluent Treatment Plant
3 Dyes and intermediates Effluent Treatment Plant
4 Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment Plant
5 Petrochemicals Effluent Treatment Plant
6 Pulp and paper Effluent Treatment Plant
7 Sugar and distilleries Effluent Treatment Plant
8 Pesticides and insecticides Effluent Treatment Plant
9 Coke ovens Effluent Treatment Plant
10 Chemical industry Effluent Treatment Plant
11 Caustic soda Effluent Treatment Plant
12 Cement Effluent Treatment Plant
13 Copper melting Effluent Treatment Plant
14 Oil refinery Effluent Treatment Plant
15 Thermal power plants Effluent Treatment Plant
16 Zinc melting Effluent Treatment Plant
17 fermentation Effluent Treatment Plant


Our Systems & products are designed with intensive Research and Development and manufactured with stringent Engineering Practices incorporating the modern equipment’s to meet international quality standards.


Our set up was incorporated to market various water & wastewater treatment Systems, equipment's, chemicals, and undertake contracts for turnkey projects as well as detailed engineering and design of water and wastewater treatment equipment.


We provide total consultancy for Water & wastewater treatment engineering design, supply installation commissioning and operation of the plant. We have wide engineering capability in industrial and domestic segments.

Industrial segments

We are serving a spectrum of industries in the market wherein we have witnessed an unending list of clients. Some of the industries, we serve include:
• Metal Recycling
• Die Casting
• Metal Finish
• Automobile
• Food Processing
• Printing & Packaging
• Galvanizing

• Clutch & Brake Shoe
• Sanitary

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